Meet our amazing team track leads and speakers.

Track leads

Ming Wen

API & Microservices

Co-founder & CEO @ | APISIX PMC Chair

Mick Semb Wever


Committer and on the PMC for Apache Cassandra

Ivet Petrova


Apache CloudStack PMC Member

Rich Bowen


ASF enthusiast, director, member, and advocate.

Uma Maheswara Rao Gangumalla

Data compute & Data storage

ASF Member, Senior Engineering Manager, Hadoop PMC/Committer

Ismael Mejía

Data engineering

Committer and PMC Member, Apache Beam and Apacho Avro

Jarek Potiuk

Data engineering

Committer and PMC Member, Apache Beam and Apacho Avro

Edward Cable


Cofounder & CEO, Mifos Initiative

Javier Borkenztain


Cofounder & CEO, Fiter

Paul King


Unity Foundation

Søren Glasius


Software Architect and Developer

Justin Mclean


ASF Director, VP ASF Incubator, Datastrato Community Manager

Christofer Dutz


Solution Consulting Expert - Timecho Europe GmbH

Paul Brebner

Performance Engineering

Instaclustr Open Source Technology Evangelist

Claude Warren

Poster sessions

Member, ASF

Anshum Gupta


Apache Lucene PMC Member

Jean-frederic Clere

Tomcat, Httpd and other servers

Red Hat Software developer


Adam Saghy

BaaSFlow - Principal Software Engineer

Addie Girouard

Principal at Third Man Agency

Ahmed Sobeh

OSPO Engineering Manager at Aiven

Akshat Mathur

Senior Software Engineer @ Cloudera

Aleksandar Vidakovic

Monkeys in Town d.o.o.

Alessandro Benedetti

Sease, Director

Alexandre Gallice

Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat

Alexandre Mattioli

Cloud Architect at Shapeblue

Aliaksandr Sheliustin

Freelance Data Engineer/Architect

Ana Jiménez Santamaría

OSPO Program Manager

Andrija Panic

Cloud Architect at ShapeBlue

Angad Sharma

Senior Software Engineer at Zomato

Anton Okolnychyi

Apache Iceberg Committer and PMC Member

Antonio Murgia

Data Architect @ Agile Lab

Aparna Sundar

Senior Researcher at OpenSearch

Asim Hussain

Executive Director at Green Software Foundation

Atita Arora

Solution Architect

Attila Mészáros

Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat

Attila Turóczy

Senior Director of Engineering at Cloudera

Bertrand Delacretaz

Principal Scientist, Adobe - Board Member, Apache Software Foundation

Boris Gordeev

Software Engineer at Revolut

Branimir Lambov

Core Database Engineer at DataStax

Brian Proffitt

Sr. Manager, Community Outreach, Red Hat Open Source Program Office

Bryan Lima

DevOps Developer at SC Clouds; CloudStack Committer

Christina Lin

The Redpanda Lady

Craig Russell

Member, Incubator PMC member, Board member

Daniel Augusto Veronezi Salvador

Principal Engineer at SC Clouds; CloudStack PMC

David Higgins

Programme Manager - Mifos; Director - Brook IT Consulting

David Kjerrumgaard

Committer on the Apache Pulsar Project | Published Author | International Speaker | Big Data Expert

Dennis Kieselhorst

Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services

Dirk-Willem Van Gulik

VP of Public Policy at The Apache Software Foundation

Dominik Jelinek

Red Hat, Senior Software Quality Engineer

Edith Puclla

Technology Evangelist at Percona

Floor Drees

Staff Developer Advocate at Aiven

Gabor Kaszab

Senior Staff Engineer @ Cloudera

Gabor Somogyi

Data Platform Engineer @ Apple

Gláucia Esppenchutz

DataOps Engineer and Diversity Enthusiast

Greg Brown

Product Manager, Marketing at Instaclustr, now part of Spot by NetApp

Gyula Fora

Software Engineer @ Apple, Flink PMC

Hichem Kenniche

OSS Product Architect at Instaclustr

Hongyue Zhang

Software Engineer at Apple

Jan Lukavský

Freelance Data Engineer, Apache Beam committer and PMC member

Jeremy Meyer

Head of Consulting, Education and the GridGain University.

João Jandre Paraquetti

DevOps Developer at SC Clouds; CloudStack Commiter

Juan Pablo Flores

Senior Program Manager at GitHub Education

Julian Feinauer

Apache IoTDB PMC Member

Kanchana Welagedara, Inc Software Development Manager

Karin Safra

PayPal, Lead Data Science Product Manager

Kyle Hoondert

Lead Solutions Architect at Imply

Lisa N. Cao

Data Engineer, Community Organizer

Luciano Resende

AI Platform Architect

Lukas Ott

Domain Architect

Mallikarjun Venkataswamyreddy

Engineer @ Hbase Team, Flipkart

Marco Sinhoreli

Apache CloudStack Commiter

Mark Thomas

Tomcat PMC member

Martijn Visser

Senior Product Manager at Confluent, PMC member and Committer for Apache Flink

Marton Balassi

Engineering Manager, Apple

Maxim Muzafarov

Aiven, open-source software engineer

Michael Rambichler

SPAR ICS - We create retail future

Mike Adamson

Developer and Committer to the Apache Cassandra project

Mirko Boehm

Community Development, Linux Foundation Europe

Mirko Kämpf

data and innovation for a sustainable future

Muhammet Orazov

Software Engineer at Ververica, the original creators of Apache Flink®

Nadia Jiang

COO at SegmentFault, Co-founder of Apache Answer, VP of China Open-Source Alliance (KAIYUANSHE)

Natali Vlatko

Open Source Architect at Cisco, SIG Docs Co-Chair for Kubernetes

Navendu Pottekkat

Maintainer of Apache APISIX

Nicolas Fränkel

Developer Advocate for Apache APISIX

Niharika Singhal

Project Manager, Free Software Foundation Europe

Niklas Merz

Apache Cordova PMC member, full-stack developer & open source enthusiast

Noémi Pap-Takács

Cloudera, Software Engineer

Oleg Nenashev

Community Builder at WireMock, CNCF/CDF Ambassador, Jenkins maintainer

Omotola Omotayo

Community Manager, Outreachy

Oz Katz

Co-Creator, lakeFS Open Source, CTO & Co-Founder, Treeverse

Péter Rózsa

Cloudera, Software Engineer

Peter Vary

Apple Software Engineer

Rafael Weingärtner

Apache CloudStack PMC

Riccardo Amadio

Agile Lab, Senior Data Engineer

Ruth Ikegah

Community Lead at CHAOSS Africa

Sergio del Amo

Member of #grailsfw & #micronaut team at OCI. Curator at @greachconf organizer

Shailaja Koppu

Software engineer at Apple

Sherae Daniel

Associate Professor at University of Cincinnati

Shu Kit Chan

Advocate for Open Source, WebAssembly, & Apache Traffic Server

Simhadri Govindappa

Senior Software Engineer at Cloudera

Subham Rakshit

Streaming Solution Architect, AWS

Szymon Janc


Tomas Ferreiro

Business manager at Fiter - Fineract experts

Trista Pan

Apache Member, Apache ShardingSphere PMC, Apache brpc(Incubating) & Apache AGE(Incubating) mentor, Mentor of China Mulan openSource community

Tsz-Wo Nicholas Sze

Principal Software Engineer

Wei Zhou

Apache CloudStack PMC member & Software Architect

Yupeng Fu

Principal Engineer, Uber

Zoltan Borok-Nagy

Cloudera, Principal Engineer

Zoltan Mezei

DevOps Specialist at Baasflow