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Solution Architect

Atita Arora is a seasoned and esteemed professional shaping the landscape of information retrieval systems. With a robust background spanning from her impactful contributions as a committer in various information retrieval and relevancy workbench projects including Apache OpenNLP to her insightful blogs on leveraging vectors in e-commerce search and an open source implementation called Chorus to pair with.

Her commitment to calibrating the essence of “good” in information retrieval systems through OTB metrics and user-centric approaches reflects her dedication to enhancing user experiences.

As a fervent believer in diversity and inclusion, Atita actively champions initiatives to foster inclusivity in the domains of search and data science. She’s a proud representative of the Women of Search Group and a member of various DEI forums , striving to create a more inclusive environment in tech.

Currently immersed in groundbreaking research on evaluating RAGs, Atita continues to drive innovation and positive change in the realm of information retrieval while advocating for diversity, making her a true trailblazer in technology and inclusivity.

Sessions by Atita Arora