Jun-03 14:40-15:10 in Rhapsody

“In the evolving landscape of data platforms, the decoupling of compute and storage has led to the emergence of open data systems free from vendor constraints. However, this shift towards ““modularity”” brings its own set of challenges. The intricate task of establishing effective access controls within table-format architectures proves to be complex. Despite data residing in the cloud and theoretically accessible from anywhere, the existing friction impedes seamless accessibility.

Enter Whitefox: an open-source initiative inspired by the brilliant principles of Delta-Sharing. This project introduces a protocol and its implementation designed to streamline data sharing. Its core objective is to simplify access management through intuitive administrative tools, offering lightweight and native accessibility from query engines that support Iceberg and Delta Lake. Whitefox endeavors to eliminate the hurdles that hinder efficient data access, paving the way for effortless and secure data sharing.”