Jun-05 14:40-15:10 in Melody

How do you explain your Apache project to people who don’t even know how to download apps onto their phones – and still manage to get them excited about what you’re working on? It’s simple: pretend you’re talking about a movie.

The problem isn’t the project, but how we’ve been talking about them. And now we’re going to fix that.

In this talk, discover how to completely change the narrative about discussing Apache and open source by not actually talking about open source or Apache…but instead using the same principles that marketers use to create excitement around a movie.

From crafting an elevator pitch to developing an intriguing tagline, positioning your project and selling the epic open source journey you’re adventuring on – all while making you the hero of your own story and getting audiences to cheer you on (or rather, get them truly excited about what you’re developing!).

Not everyone understands open source, but everyone has seen a movie. By using the surprising parallels between open source and film, learn how to make people excited about your Apache project and build a robust and engaged community along the way.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a major project like Apache Kafka or struggling to get an entirely new project off the ground; whether you’re trying to excite a group of PhDs in computer engineering or talking to a group that has never even heard of open source.

Pretend it’s a movie and discover how to build excitement for your project!