Jun-05 14:00-14:30 in Melody

There are millions of open source projects people can use and contribute to. Why yours?

Developing an open source project that is valuable to many and widely accepted in an industry requires a lot of care and feeding – and more than just code. Whether your project is brand new or been around for decades, you need to explain why other people should take the time to learn, use, and potentially contribute to it. The most prolific open source projects have roles for contributors that include docs, blogs, events, conference talks, podcasts, press releases, social media, new member onboarding, answering questions, and other community-building activities.

In this talk, you will learn:

  • Why community, marketing, and advocacy are vital to open source projects

  • Examples of programs and activities to attract users and contributors

  • How to work with ASF Marketing & Publicity to amplify your project