Jun-04 15:20-15:50 in Mirror Lounge

Apache Camel is the leading open-source integration framework that simplifies the integration of various systems and applications. There exists a comprehensive set of Tooling specifically designed to empower Camel developers in their work with Apache Camel within VS Code. These tools facilitate a seamless and efficient development experience, offering robust support and functionalities tailored to the needs of Camel developers.

In my session I would like to rely on the Extension Pack for Apache Camel which contains a set of specific extensions for Camel but also leverages the VS Code ecosystem.

The mission would be to bring the picture of how effortlessly managing the entire Camel development lifecycle within VS Code. From the initializing a Camel route file, across experience the ease of running integrations locally, effortlessly making edits, and witnessing automatic reloads for real-time updates. As part of journey utilise the graphical editor for Apache Camel within VS Code to develop, edit and improve your Camel routes. Present the debug with ease, inspect variables, and witness instant changes. Finally, explore a range of deployment options directly from your VS Code environment, ensuring a smooth transition from local development to deployment stages.