Jun-04 09:50-10:20 in Melody

In the realm of sustainability, grassroots initiatives often emerge as powerful catalysts for change, driven by the collective wisdom of practitioners.

Our organization, a coalition of hundreds of software practitioners, embodies this ethos, operating on the principles of consensus and practical action. The result? Tangible solutions that directly foster meaningful change.

Enter Impact Framework, an open-source tool designed to quantify the environmental impact of software. It takes observations you can easily gather from running systems such as CPU utilisation, page views, installs, prompts and induces them into environmental impacts like carbon, waste, water.

Drawing parallels to the evolution of open source software, Impact Framework embodies the ethos of openness—open source, open standards, and open data—as the bedrock of its mission.

In this talk I’ll explain the history of Impact Framework, it’s core concepts and take the audience through a live exercise to demonstrate how to use it to measure the environmental impacts of a piece of software.

As we embark on this journey, we echo the sentiment of our community: to do for sustainability what open source did for software—a seismic shift rather than a mere agreement, a wave of change demanding participation or risk being swept aside.