Jun-04 14:40-15:10 in Symphony

Since the first repayment strategy got introduced, many followed, but there was one thing common in them:

They were hard coding the allocation rules for each transaction type.

By introducing - part of the 1.9.0 release - the “Advanced payment allocation” the idea was to have a repayment strategy which was:

  • Supporting dynamic configuration of the allocation rules for transaction types

  • Supporting configuration of more fine-grained allocation rules for future installments

  • Supporting reprocessing of transactions and charges in chronological order


  • Allocation strategy:

  • Horizontal (installment level)

  • Vertical (loan level)

  • Allocation rules:

  • Based on due time type (past due, due, in advance)

  • Based on due balance type (principal, penalty, fee, interest)

  • Transaction level configuration

  • Fine-grained in advance payment allocation rules

During the session the audience will get a better insight about the business requirements - which lead to introducing this new repayment strategy mechanics into Fineract - and learn its provided functionalities.