Jun-04 16:10-16:40 in Symphony

Q&A is one of the most effective ways to obtain knowledge, build connections, and create interaction. In open-source communities, Q&A is particularly crucial. It not only provides a platform for users and developers to collaboratively tackle technical issues and clarify uncertainties but also enhances the sharing and circulation of knowledge. By helping each other in resolving issues, community members forge stronger bonds and jointly advance their projects. Additionally, a robust Q&A system attracts new members, injecting fresh perspectives and energy into the community. Effective Q&A interactions don’t just boost problem-solving efficiency; they also solidify community cohesion, making it a pivotal element in the healthy evolution of open-source initiatives.

Twelve years ago, my team and I established SegmentFault, now China’s largest developer Q&A community. Throughout our journey, we’ve gained invaluable insights into creating and managing a vibrant Q&A community. Eager to extend our knowledge, in 2022, we released and open-sourced our Q&A platform software, Answer. Last year, we donated Answer to the Apache Incubator, marking the beginning of our Apache journey.

I’m keen to share our wealth of experience in the Q&A domain with the global Apache community. This includes insights on enhancing knowledge sharing with Answer, leveraging Answer for effective knowledge retention, and utilizing reputation and privilege systems in online communities. We’re excited to collaborate and grow our community together.