Jun-03 16:50-17:20 in Melody

The session will highlight the strategies employed by Apache to foster a more diverse and inclusive environment, emphasizing the importance of mentorship in nurturing new talents and perspectives. This approach not only enriches the Apache community ecosystem but also ensures that it reflects the wide array of users it serves. Attendees will gain insights into the practical steps for implementing similar programs and the profound impact of inclusivity on technology development.

Mentorship is a powerful way for encouraging new contributors to join the open source community, providing guidance and support as they navigate the world of open source software development and achieve their Goals. In this speech, we will explore the benefits of mentorship and how it can help to create a more inclusive and diverse community.

I will discuss the different approaches to mentorship when you are a part of a globally distributed community with much diversified knowledge levels. We will also explore best practices for mentors, such as persistence, Openness, providing constructive feedback and follow engineering best practices on following topic

  • Challenges of mentorship
  • Successful mentorship programs within the open source community
  • Get involved in mentorship, whether as a mentor or a mentee
  • Understand the power of mentorship and how it can help to create a more inclusive and diverse open source community.