Jun-03 15:20-15:50 in Symphony

Cassandra 5.0 now incorporates vector search capabilities powered by DiskANN, an advanced technology developed by Microsoft Research. In this session, we are will demonstrate the vector search performance of Cassandra 5.0, juxtaposed with other leading databases. Our benchmarking platform will be utilized to assess a variety of key metrics, including I/O performance as well as the precision and recall accuracy of the search results.

Furthermore, the session will delve into optimization strategies for Cassandra. We will explore a variety of techniques to enhance both performance and accuracy, tailored to different workloads and use cases.

This presentation is particularly relevant for those managing or using Cassandra, as well as individuals with an interest in the field of vector search. It promises to provide valuable insights into leveraging Cassandra 5.0’s capabilities for sophisticated, large-scale search operations.