Jun-04 11:10-11:40 in Rhapsody

When I started as the Instaclustr Technology Evangelist 7 years ago, I already had a background in computer science R&D and thought I knew a few things about architecting complex distributed systems. But it was still challenging to learn multiple new Apache (and other) Big Data technologies and build and scale realistic demonstration applications for domains such as IoT/logistics, fintech, anomaly detection, geospatial data, data pipelines and a drone delivery application - with streaming machine learning. What did I learn that my younger (-7 years) self could have benefited from? This talk highlights some of my discoveries using Apache Cassandra, Lucene, Kafka, Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams, Camel, Superset; and Karapace, PostgreSQL, Debezium, OpenSearch, Uber’s Cadence (for workflow orchestration), and more.