Jun-05 11:10-11:40 in Rhapsody

In this insightful presentation, Aliaksandr will unveil four ingenious tricks to maximize your Apache Airflow experience in the realm of data engineering. Starting with the power of leveraging CSV files to effortlessly create versatile DAGs, Aliaksandr will demonstrate how this flexibility can streamline your pipeline development process. Moving forward, the audience will learn how Google Sheets can be harnessed as a dynamic tool for DAG creation, opening up opportunities for collaboration among team members of varying Airflow proficiency levels. Aliaksandr will then delve into the art of autogenerating DAGs through Airflow Connections, showcasing how this feature can expedite workflow deployment. Finally, the audience will discover the secrets to making Airflow truly event-driven, unlocking new dimensions of efficiency and responsiveness. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights into elevating your Airflow proficiency and revolutionizing your data engineering workflows.