Apply for the Travel Assistance Committee Scholarship!

The Travel Assistance Committee provides financial assistance with travel (air fares or train tickets), accommodation during the conference and conference fees to those who would otherwise be unable to attend various ASF related events.

The Committee has limited finances and as a consequence, only a few places are available for each Apache event. Applicants should have valid reasons for attending ASF related events that are of benefit to both the applicant and the ASF, and to open source as a whole. The Committee is unable to provide any funds for general living expenses during the conference.

Participants must themselves obtain Travel Insurance (including Medical coverage for those traveling overseas).

How to apply for travel assistance

Visit the online application and answer all questions as fully as possible. Note that you do not need to answer all questions in the same session: you can keep coming back until you have completed the form. Ensure that you specify which event you are applying for.

Events for which support is still available this year:

See the events page for more details on these events.

Note that, in return for financial assistance, TAC Committee asks you to perform some duties while at the event, such as staffing the registration booth and helping spread the Apache Way message; and opening/closing talk sessions for other Speakers. But do not worry: you will still have plenty of time to attend talks that interest you, get to see the sights of the hosting city and meet people from your projects and other folks you have been communicating with.

Application criteria

The Committee judges applications on merit, based on details each applicant provides on their application form. The Committee will notify those it deems to be most in need of assistance within a week of the closing of the application period. If you have not heard from the Committee within one week of the application closing date, you should assume that you did not qualify on this occasion. However, you are welcome to email for confirmation if you wish.